Black Heart Blues


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released November 15, 2014




TORNADO KID Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Track Name: The Darkest Nights
Deep darkness crawls behind us
It's whisper leaves an evil thoughts
We got a box filled with the sharp memories
Why do we keep it nearby the heart?
Deafening silence glamors into it's debths
U will be there until it ends
Booze will not help
It's only make it worse,
U need a Chinese room, man
To think how not to get lost.
Because the Devil reads u like a book,
Fur and quiet...
It's not ok inside my mind
I realize it day by day
I'm going down the lower floor
But doors are locked,
Can wait no more.
I lost my mind a miles away
And now we'll never be the same
You'll find someone better than me,
My little girl, I set you free.
In the darkest nights
I will follow the light
It will lead me through
What I've done.
In the line of horizon
I will use your advices
They will help me to
Live my life
Track Name: Black Heart Blues
When my days turned to gray
I jumped on the train
& no one around could stop my mother cryin'
I was travelin' a lot searchin' for a better life
But all that I got is the hole in the heart
This is the black heart blues, this is my black heart
Baby, u gonna loose
It sounds for U & me
Now I'm lyin' on the ground face down to the mud
& no one around help me to stand up
Well, nothin' has changed since I've tried to escape,
But the hole in the heart is gettin' bigger
U can't run forever while the demons livin' nearby your heart
U can't let this anger go away
I've been watchin' for the every step U've done
I've been watchin' for the every single break