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Debut EP, 2014, Saint-P, Russia


released April 11, 2014



all rights reserved


TORNADO KID Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Track Name: Wild Bones
My mind is gettin' to new level
Emotions are gettin' deeper
This hatred is so much sweeter
All the words r almost spoken
Promise will not be broken
Wait a little bit, wait a little bit & i'll show u
And so u will pay for what u've done ...
As I told u before
Baby, I told u before
I still remember,
Your eyes were like shinin' diamonds
While u've been runin' & bleedin'
This vision was all that i needed
Then i've put my glance to the stars
Through the window of the bar
Wait a little, wait a little bit & i'll show u
Track Name: Seven Deadly Sins
His name was Johnny, & he was bad to the bones
He started drinkin' bein' 10 years old
But Molly was a real pure bitch
She walked over the heads just to make herself rich
Someone gonna drain to the bottom of the ocean of wet pussies & tits
Another one gonna build his castle in the heroin hills
Seven deadly sins, choose your favourite one
Choose your best one
His name was Jack... oh, poor little swag
Hey! I heard U give from the back
But Sam have turned into the beast
He beats up his children like his father did
Someone gonna waste in anger & kill himself from the inside
Another one gonna hide in shadows of the Hollywood lies
Runaway u're not alright
Every dream seem to be fright
It will remain no legacy
Track Name: Stupid Things
I remember that night
That moon, that steam of light
I was hangin' around
Filled with anger & lust
U & me again
Darkness is my only friend
Where? Where do we belong?
It's time to forgive & to go on
I know we've done so many stupid things
Like triyn' to fly on broken wings
In the dawn of the day
This pain should go away
In the bottle of gin
I tried to hide my cries, no
Where did we came from
Darkness never let us know
Guns & razors, fangs & scales
We r the prisoners out of faith
Black heart turns into the stone
There's nothin' below but the rust on the bones
So where do we belong?
Show me the fuckin' place that we came from